Monday, 4 July 2011

Missing In Action

What do teachers do in the summer?
Go to the park to see Shakespeare plays, of course!
Canada Day 2011 at Bard on The Beach
I am never short on words, nor opinions, but this blog has become a neglected one after a rapid start.

Somehow, blogging was lost in a June filled with final assessments, marking late assignments, report cards, graduation ceremony duties, yearbook delivery and distribution, moving classrooms, meeting with colleagues, and collecting resources to look at over the summer.  (Somewhere in there, I also had an action-packed life outside of school!)

My "Tweeting" has not slowed, however.  Blogging requires time to sit and process, while Twitter allows me to regurgitate thoughts from other people with ease when I have a moment or two to sit and read.  The iPhone is a beautiful invention.

I love the online network of teachers and administrators which has formed through Twitter, but can't help but feel like a sad, little parrot as I re-tweet brilliant thoughts from others but have none of my own to contribute at the moment.  I imagine that others see this and assume that I'm the sort of person who would sit at a dinner party nodding and exclaiming, "I agree!" as those around me participate in intelligent discussions.  I assure you that this is not the case.  If you invite me to dinner, I will come prepared with a collection of conversation starters such as, "Eww!  Are they serving us fried slugs?" and "Lemme tell you about what I found on the skytrain yesterday!  You don't have a weak stomach, do you?"


I was going to keep putting off a blog entry until I had something to say but realized today that, for me, June-itis is part of the teaching experience.  The cure, of course, is fabulous summer fun.  I hope to be back to blogging fairly soon with some reflections on the past year and goals for next year.

Now, it is time to head out and enjoy some more of this beautiful sunshine!


  1. I really appreciate your thoughts on the whole Network aspect to twitter . . . I have recently pulled back because I always find myself just retweeting, instead of adding something to the community. Fabulous summer is the cure? I'm in!

  2. I came to the conclusion that re-tweeting is better than nothing because:
    1) It gives the author a little "thumbs up" for their ideas.
    2) It keeps me active in the edu-Twitter-community.
    3) It "saves" the article for future reference. More than once, I have gone to my Twitter feed to find an article that I was telling somebody about.

    Looking forward to some fabulous summer events with my G8BFF! First mission: picnic in the park?