Friday, 30 September 2011


I love using stories, short film clips, and case studies in my classes.  Telling stories makes everything more relatable to students.  Discussions flow much more easily when students have people to identify with as we discuss broad concepts.

Typically, around the Terry Fox Run, my fabulous Planning 10 colleague and I talk about the Terry Fox Run with our classes.  Then, we show this clip and ask students to write reflective journal entries.  I am always touched by some of my students' stories and reflections.  This year, my Leadership students and co-teacher took on organization of the Terry Fox Run.  I decided to take the opportunity to put some Planning 10 work on display and had the students create posters, in lieu of journal entries, responding to the prompts, "I am running in the Terry Fox Run for/because/in memory of..."  Students didn't have to put their names on the front and were able to make their examples general or specific.  We developed criteria as a class and the students developed high standards.

It's always lovely to end a busy week with pencil crayons.

Once they were on display in the hallway, the stories of their classmates served as powerful reminders to students as the Terry Fox Run approached.

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  1. Megan,
    This is such a great idea and a beautiful reminder of how those of us who have lost someone to cancer are not alone. There are so many great connections to make and this is a cute and colorful way for students to see this. And I totally agree: ending a long week with pencil crayons is a treat :)