Thursday, 30 August 2012

A New Blogging Adventure!

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I realize that I can barely keep up with this blog at times, but I hope to be more consistent in the new year.

While I plan to continue reflecting here, I'm really excited about a new collaborative blogging adventure that I will be participating in during the new school year!  Last year, I was part of a small group of teachers who were at various stages of using inquiry in their classrooms.  We didn't start meeting together until later in the year but building a small community was very beneficial for all of us as we thought about different ways to improve our practice.  Due to transfers in the district, we will not all be in the same building next year.  As we are all busy, and even chatting while working in the same school was hard to schedule, we will be sharing our adventures on a new blog this year.  So far, six other teachers have indicated that they will be participating in this.  It will be a great way for us to share what is happening in our classrooms and comment on messages to one another.  As well, I hope that you will join in the conversation as we progress.  We represent different subject areas and grade levels so I hope to call on experts within my Twitter, blog, and real life PLN for input as the year progresses.  I'm always amazed at the power of collaboration in real life and online.  As somebody who HATED group work as a student, it's fantastic to realize how meaningful collaboration can be when structured around common interests and motivation to learn.

We only have a couple of introductions up right now but please consider subscribing or adding us to your favourite RSS feed so that you can stay tuned for more content as the year progresses.

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