About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

This is purely a professional blog, used to communicate with other teachers. If you want the juicy details of my life...well...there aren't any. If there were, you wouldn't find them here!

Here's a brief summary of my background as a teacher:

As part of SFU's International Teacher Education Module, my "short practicum" took place in Oaxaca, Mexico. After living with a homestay family and teaching English to groups of grade 4-6 students for three months, I returned to BC for a "long practicum" with a grade five class in Port Moody. Shortly after, I graduated from Simon Fraser University in August, 2006 with an English major and Curriculum & Instruction Minor.

After a short stint as a TOC in two districts, I began teaching at a secondary school in School District 42 and had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of courses during my six years there.   In September, 2012, I began teaching a grade 6/7 class at an elementary school in Maple Ridge, BC. I'm really excited about "returning to my roots" and am enjoying the opportunities for inquiry learning and cross-curricular activities in elementary school!

I'm really interested in examining assessment practices and have been working toward implementing standards-based grading and assessment for learning practices in my classroom.  I am fortunate to work in a district which supports conference-based assessment, and the removal of letter grades, from kindergarten through grade seven.   I also have a strong interest in using technology to enhance instruction and assessment.  Inquiry learning has become a focus for me as a teacher and, if you're using inquiry in your classroom, I'd love to hear more about it!

I absolutely love collaborating with other teachers in person and online! I am currently pursuing a MEd. through an online program at the University of Alberta and love implementing the strategies I learn. As well, I work as a mentor with a group of teachers inquiring into their practice through an SFU graduate diploma program.

Please feel free to contact me through a comment on this blog or by e-mail at meganjakse@gmail.com. I tweet @jakse and can be reached there, as well.